Healing Touch

Bible study march
Kurdish Women’s Bible Study

In the following stories, I’m concealing names and the certain medical issues they have to protect identity. 

 Sheikh touched by love of Christ

     I was visiting one of our friends, “R” with Jihan and Nidal (the parents in my Kurdish host family). R is interested in Jesus, so she attends church and Bible studies. Unfortunately, her brother recently died in Syria. He had recently put his faith in Jesus and no matter how hard his family tried to shame him and convince him to go back to Islam, he was adamant. R’s brother died and, as it is in their culture, the community was coming to their house to grieve with the family. A sheikh came to do a ritual cleaning and burial preparation, but the family (interestingly enough) forbade him and told him that their son had become a Christian so the sheikh shouldn’t do the ritual.
     The sheikh was very angry with the family. The sheikh, though, noticed all of the Christians that were coming to visit the family. There was a whole community of Christians coming and they brought food for the family and served the family during the time of grieving. The sheikh was so touched by the Christian’s care of R’s family that, by the end of the grieving time, he had many questions about who Jesus is!
  • Praise the Lord that the Sheikh witnessed for himself the love of Christ through the people!
  • Please join me in prayer that he will get to know Jesus and give his heart to him

Jesus heals “A”

     A few months ago, “A” newly arrived in Lebanon from northern Syria. She started attending our home Bible study meetings. At first, she felt something in her resist and she would get headaches. She considered not coming anymore, but she just couldn’t stop. She was seeing all of the answers of prayer and what Jesus is doing in our lives. She kept coming, and found that at the Bible studies she felt a sense of peace and she liked the stories about Jesus. Now, A tells us that whenever it is time for the Bible studies, she looks forward to coming and stops whatever she is doing to come.
    Just a couple weeks ago, she told me that she was sick and going to see the doctor that week. I told her the story in the Bible about the woman who had the blood issue and bled for 12 years and how by her faith in Jesus she was healed. I offered to pray for her and that together we would ask Jesus to heal her. She agreed and together we prayed.
She told me that after the prayer, she didn’t feel the pain anymore. She went to the doctor that week, and the doctor told her that she was fine and there was nothing wrong with her. Praise Jesus! I asked her again this week how her health is doing, and she smiled and told me that she is well and has not been in pain.
  • Praise the Lord for healing A!
  • Please join me in prayer that she will get to know Jesus more and give her heart to him

Psalm 107:19-21, “Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and he saved them from their distress. He sent out his Word and healed them; he rescued them from the grave. Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind.” 

Jesus heals Nidal

     A few weeks ago, Nidal became really sick. He was in a lot of pain. He finally went to the doctor. The doctor said he would need to have a surgery, as soon as possible! Nidal came back to the house and told us what the doctor said. We gathered as a family and prayed for God to provide – either finances for a surgery, or for healing. Nidal got a contact from someone in the Kurdish church of a Christian doctor in the hospital who specialized in this area. He got an appointment at the hospital and went with Jihan. The doctor, after examining him, said, “You don’t need surgery, no. All you need is this medicine here and within a couple weeks this will go away.”
     Immediately Nidal and Jihan thanked and praised the Lord. The doctor wrote out a prescription and gave it to him. “How much do I owe you?” asked Nidal. “Tell Pastor N that I say hello,” he smiled. …
     Nidal and Jihan left the hospital with joy and thanksgiving at how the Lord had provided. He went to the pharmacy and took the medicine, and now the problem is all gone! All praise to Jesus. And Lord, bless that doctor who blessed them with a free appointment!!
  • Praise the Lord for healing Nidal!
  • Please join me in prayer that Nidal’s ministry with the Syrian men will be blessed and increased and that he’ll be able to share with them more stories of answered prayer
In the mountains of Lebanon at the Horizons International conference with my friend and teammate, Christine. 

Jesus heals “M”

     Our neighbor, J came and knocked at the door late at night. “Please help! My husband has been very sick for awhile but now it has gotten worse!” Nidal and Jihan went to them and found her husband, “M”, writhing in pain on the floor. They took him to the hospital right away. The doctor there said he would need surgery and that it would cost $4,000 approximately. Nidal explained that they are refugees and don’t have money. The doctor told them frankly that if there is no money, there is no service. They had to leave.
     On the way home, M had to take breaks from walking to sit on the ground because the pain was so intense. When they arrived back at M’s house, Nidal said, “Look, you know how Jesus healed me. Now I have faith that if I pray in the name of Jesus that you too will be healed.” Nidal didn’t ask M’s permission, he just put his hand on him and began to pray for healing in the name of Jesus. As he was praying, M started to calm down. When Nidal finished praying, he asked M where he still felt pain. M had stopped writhing and was now sitting. He said, “Nidal…the pain is gone.” … !!! Hallelujiah!
     The next morning, M went to the doctor. His pain had not returned, but he was confused and doubtful and wanted to see what the doctor said. The doctor examined him and found that no matter what he did, M didn’t feel any pain. The doctor was frustrated and asked M, “What? Are you mocking me? You come here and tell me your symptoms and yet you don’t show any sign of them? Go home! There is nothing wrong with you.” …
M went home and told his friends that in the name of Jesus he had been healed. 😀
  • Praise the Lord for healing M!
  • Please join me in prayer for M to get to know Jesus and give his heart to him
So after all of this, now the doctors here just think we’re liars. We come to them without symptoms! 😉 Thank you, Doctor Jesus. The true healer!
Fellow Horizons International teammates
Thank You
There are SO many more things I could write for this past month. All I can say is that we serve a faithful God. We’re studying God’s Word with many people and they are seeing for themselves the black and white difference between Islam and life with Christ.
Thank you all for your faithful prayers, encouraging Bible verses, and financial support. I wish each of you could come visit and see for yourselves how God is at work here in the lives of the Syrian refugees. And it isn’t just them! My faith has been growing so much here and God has been changing my heart in so many ways. Thank you, Jesus. ❤